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We buy/pawn Gold, Silver and Platinum offering top dollar of spot price.

We buy jewelry in all forms from scrap to estate pieces. Offering the best quotes in town provided by our trained employees and we pay out accordingly by the spot price given at the moment. Please note, due to constant change in the market quotes may vary.

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Is My Jewelry Real?

There are a few tips at home you can do to test your jewelry.

  • Look at the piece closely and see if there any wear or plating coming off.
  • Most jewelry does not attract to a magnet. Tip: (use something stronger than a fridge magnet.)
  • Most jewelry will have a karat stamp and a trademark stamp. Some karat stamps may be in a numeral or decimal form. exp. (.417,.585,.750,.925,.950, or even pure which is .999)(10k,14k,18k,22k,24k)


Check the change in your pocket. Most of your 1964 and older coins have around 90% silver in them. These are worth more in silver than face value.

Our Vault

We buy all forms of gold -rings, necklaces, class rings, coins, watches, etc. For everyone’s protection, we store the gold and other valuable items in a VAULT.  The vault is not a safe.  Our vault is indestructible, fireproof, waterproof and theft-proof.

Current Spot Prices

Please note, due to constant change in the market quotes may vary.


Use this online gold calculator to determine what your gold is worth!
For example, if 14k gold spot price 1494.50 with 5 grams 100% of gold spot = $179. We pay $98 to $112!

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